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COVID-19 Artwork Competition



THANK YOU for your continued support during these difficult times.

Now that schools are going into the summer break and to show our appreciation to everyone who has supported our business in the last few months,  we are giving student a chance to win a €50 voucher to use on our website and also give thier art department a €250 voucher for their school too!

Its simple. Send us a picture of your (or your students) work that has been inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.


How it works

The winner will be awarded two vouchers, one for themselves worht €50 and one worth €250 that we will send to the schools art teacher that can be redeemed on any future order.

A unqiue voucher number will be provided and this will need to be quoted on your order to claim the discount or used on our website.

The vouchers will remain valid until Tuesday 31st August 2021.


How to enter

Email a photograph of your work (or your student work if you are the art teacher, to along with:

  • Your full name (or the full name of the student if yu are the art teacher)*
  • Your age (or the students age)
  • The title of the work
  • The medium used
  • The name of the school
  • The Art Teachers name at the school

* Please note, we may use your name (your students name) in emails or social media posts if they are a winner. Make sure parents have given permision for the use of the name before you make the submission.

We can only accept entries from students aged 18 or under.

All entries must be original artwork and cannot be a copy of derivative of existing copyrighted art.
You can only submit one piece of work (or one piece of work per student).
Closing date for entries is 2nd July 2020. Keep an eye on your emails and social channels for the winner announcment.
We look forward to seeing your (or your student's) work, good luck!