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Specialist Crafts Block Printing Oil Colours - Brilliant Green

Specialist Crafts Block Printing Oil Colours - Brilliant Green. Each
Product Code: 4240046
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Hints & Tips

For best results, never apply too much ink to your rolling-out surface. You are listening for a nice gentle sticky noise when applying the ink to the roller. Too much ink will result in gloopy and uneven application; too little will give patchy results.

Artist's Testimonial

"These inks have a readiness of use about them partly to do with the good pigment but more importantly they are of a good viscous quality. They roll well particularly on glass when thin and this does not lessen the pigment carry. Also, they are ideal for watering down with white spirit for a paper stain pre-print. Try it - it offers a matt finish to cartridge and a good marriage in hue to the same colour ink printing on top."
Simon Packard, Artist, Sculptor and Lecturer.

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